Welcome To Our Online Store!

Enjoy the sweet spoils of decadent chocolate anywhere with the new online ordering service from The Chocolate Factory!

Spread the joy to friends and family across the nation with delectable creations by Golconda, Illinois’ favorite dessert artists. Share your love with some decadent fudge, an assortment of fine chocolates, or add a personal touch with our customizable novelties, beautifully painted with delicious and colorful blends of chocolate!

    All of our treats are made with the finest choice cocoa, and crafted with a delicate precision for taste creations you won’t find anywhere else. Add some sweetness to your wedding celebration, baby shower or holiday, or send yourself a little gift delivered right to your doorstep!

    Order online, over the phone or stop by and visit the Golconda store, located near Lake Glendale along the historic Trail of Tears. Continue exploring the site to browse some of the tasty creations, or ask about their custom designs!

    Thank you for visiting.